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A visit to Edinburgh Dungeon takes you back to the darkest moments in Scotland’s history

From the gruesome tale of Burke & Hare, to Edinburgh’s Great Fire, torture and the plague - it's all true. Live actors, shows, a spooky ride and interactive special effects ensure a day out based on pain, fear, torture and death. Are you brave enough?

Experience the darkest times in the history of Scotland within the depths of the Edinburgh Dungeon. Face your fears head on as you take a chilling boat ride into the lair of cannibal Sawney Bean.

It's the year 1646 - and you find yourself in the mysterious Mary King’s Close where the stench of the poor souls abandoned to die of the plague is overpowering. You are chilled to the very bone, when suddenly you are confronted by a vengeful ghostly presence that leaves you paralysed by fear … will you escape?

Please Note: The Dungeon is not recommended for those of a nervous disposition or very young children. Children under 15 must be accompanied by an adult.

Open seven days a week – excluding Christmas day.